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Bath Council are sole Corporate trustees for the park and the Trust is a sub-committee charged with running the day to day management.

The Charitable Trust Board met on Friday 10th June 2016 and agreed to the formation of the Alice Park Trust sub-committee which will oversee the management and improvement of Alice Park.

Former Cllr Martin Veal (Conservative, Bathavon North), Former Cabinet Member for Community Services, said at the formation of the Trust: “We’re very pleased to support the establishment of the Alice Park Trust and the sub-committee.

Purpose of committee:

The Sub-Committee shall discharge the Council’s functions as sole corporate trustee in respect of the Alice Park Trust, the site and its resources in accordance with Trust’s objects and the duties it owes pursuant to the Charities legislation.

It shall report to the Charitable Trust Board on an annual basis in September of each year detailing the work undertaken by the Trust in the preceding year and confirming to the Board that the Trust has complied with the objects of the charity and the Charities Legislation.

Current Member of the Alice Park trust Sub-Committee are:

Councillor Rob Appleyard (Chair)
Councillor Sally Davis
Councillor Joanna Wright
Holly Dabbs (Co-opted Member, non-voting)
Bill Shaw (Co-opted Member, non-voting)

Since its formation, the Trust has replaced the flag and pole in the Park, joined the pathways around the park (to everyone's delight) and aided in the revitalisation of the pond area into a wildlife conservation area.

It is the job of the Trust to oversee hiring of the park and all facilities (excluding the nursery, community garden and café) while maintaining the facilities.

Currently, the trust has been overseeing lease details for the LTA to maintain the 6 tennis courts. Work on the refurbishment has started and is due for completion by June.
Work is also underway by the trust to bid for funds to refurbish the play area.
2 members of the trust are local ward councillors who focused on bringing a young child friendly skate park to the park. The Skate bowl was finished in 2021 and the security fencing for the perimeter will be in place shortly followed by landscaping of the area.
The trust are working on a 10 year long term plan.

Your ward councillor trust members can be reached through their council emails:


Below is a link that stores relevant Trust documents in the public domain.


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